Macchina Anatomica


Instrumentation: Fl., Cl., Perc., Piano, Vno, Vc.
Prémiere: 16 july 2016 Auditorium Santa Chiara, Bobbio, Italy. Divertimento Ensemble.
Duration: 7 min.

I borrowed the idea of “Macchina Anatomiche” (Anatomical Machines) from the rooms of Raimondo di Sangro’s palace, two human skeletons wrapped in their articulated artery and vein system, reproduced in all its complexity and biological (im)perfection. I was fascinated by the idea of an artificial machine, and therefore perfect, united to that of a natural, imperfect one; the idea of something incorruptible and unalterable from one side and defective and perishable on the other; the alienating repetition of artificial mechanisms and the deformed regularity of human ones. When I tried to express this into sound and into the organization of it, a third anatomical machine was born, a sound machine that is hard to set in motion and intended to decompose itself due its own internal mechanisms.

Claudio Panariello · Claudio Panariello - "Macchina Anatomica"