Piccolo inventario degli insetti


Instrumentation: Fl., Sax, Perc., Piano, Electronics (fixed media).
Prémiere: 22 july 2017 Sala degli Specchi del Circolo degli Illuminati, Città di Castello, Italy. Ensemble Suono Giallo.
Duration: 7 min.

Scored for four instruments and electronics, Piccolo inventario degli insetti finds its roots in my interest and fascination for mechanisms and how the unaltered perfection of the mechanical processes try to imitate the perishable and complex imperfection of organic ones.

In this sense, I conceived the work as a dialectic between the two worlds, the organic one identified with the “human performers” and the mechanical one identified in the electronics; then I set them into motion and I let them interact driving the piece to a situation in which the electronics becomes more and more organic and the instruments remain trapped in alienating gears.

The metaphor of the insects came up in my mind in totally natural and automatic way: the sound world that this piece builds bar after bar is like a soundscape of a microscopic nature, with all his internal complexity, as well as the electronics is made up of numerous internal feedback chains, as a kind of mechanical entomology inside the hidden world of the computer that comes up and faces the acoustic world of the ensemble.

Claudio Panariello · Claudio Panariello - "Piccolo inventario degli insetti"