Private journal of dreams


Written for Ensemble Collettivo\_21.
Instrumentation: Fl., Sax., Perc., Piano, E. guitar, Vc, Electronics (fixed media).
Prémiere: 9 October 2020 Volumnia, Ex Chiesa di S. Agostino, Piacenza, Italy. Ensemble Collettivo_21.
Duration: 10 min.

Commissioned by and written for Ensemble Collettivo\_21, “Private Journal of Dreams” is a stream of five sound dreams that seamlessly follow one another.

The piece is a sonic bubble that slowly gets bigger, engulfing the performers and the audience who are more and more exposed to the most inner – and often unconscious – part of the Composer’s mind, his private dreams.

Five interconnected oneiric scenarios where both eerie and comfortable sonic events evoke blurred images and unstable memories, without offering any unambiguous decoding key.

On the other side, “Private Journal of Dreams” represents also the meeting point of a compositional strategy based on the collaboration between two adaptive systems: a human being, the composer, on one hand; and an artificial adaptive system (designed by the first one), on the other. While the system has specifically created the electronic part, which in turn is the expression of its inner world and dreams, the composer has co-acted with it in the creation of the final musical work, offering his private chest of visions.

“Private Journal of Dreams”, both in the title and in the inspiration, owes its deepest birth to Emanuel Swedenborg’s “Journal of Dreams and Spiritual Experiences”.

Here is an audio recording of the Premiere:

Claudio Panariello · "Private journal of dreams"

Here is a video recording at MBZ: Muzički biennale Zagreb / Music Biennale Zagreb: